The Gambinos: First Family of Crime

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The Gambino crime family is perhaps the most famous of the American mafia families, it is one of the ‘Five families’ based out of New York which have dominated organized crime in the United States for over a century. Whilst active since 1910 the family got its name from former leader Carlo Gambino who was the head of the family at the time of the McClennan Hearings of 1963. The family still has around 200 members even now.

The Gambinos: First Family of Crime is a feature length 1997 documentary which looks at the history of the organization, its most famous members including Carlo Gambino, Paul Castellano and John Gotti, and charts the families rise and then decline. At its peak the family had around 1000 members and many thousands of associates, but due to the tireless work of law enforcement and their successful incarceration of Gotti their numbers have dwindled to just a couple of hundred and whilst still influential they are not the force they once were. The documentary goes into particular detail of Carlo Gambino’s rise through the ranks from a humble beginning in Sicily to the undisputed king of the New York underworld.


Those wishing to learn more about the Gambino family could do worse than to read the John H. Davis book Mafia Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the Gambino Crime Family, available to purchase in paperback or hardback.

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