The Exclusive Brethren

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A 2003 BBC Everyman documentary exposing a secretive Christian sect called the Exclusive Brethren, a cult-like group which enforces strict rules on its members and punishes those that do not comply by expelling and then isolating them from other members of the church and even their families if they are still compliant. Its modus operandi in that respect draws parallels with Scientology.

The film hears accounts from various members who had escaped the cult and here how members do not communicate with anybody who is not a member of their church, tending to work in their own businesses or the businesses of other sect members, and building their own schools. Individuals not in the church are known as Worldly’s and if a member of the group were to build a relationship with a Worldly they would be labelled evil and expelled and isolated from the Exclusive Brethren.

The number of Brethren in the UK has since dwindled and is estimated at just a few thousand now, but the sect has a substantial following in Australia and New Zealand. A TV documentary was broadcast in Australia in 2006 at a time when their numbers were growing, (See: Four Corners – Seperate Lives).

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