The Chemical Generation

Published on 23rd February 2016 by

A 2000 documentary presented by Boy George which retrospectively examines the ecstasy fuelled acid house scene and club and rave culture of the United Kingdom. The film includes interviews with promoters, bouncers, drug dealers, DJ’s, and the clubbers themselves. Contributors to the film include high profile DJ’s Danny Rampling, Judge Jules, Pete Tong, the author and house music fan Irvine Welsh, and many more well known figures from the era.

The 50 minute film explores the genres origins, with the major DJ’s from the scene being heavily influenced by what they were hearing in Ibiza in the late eighties and importing the music to the streets of London and then beyond. This is the same music scene which inspired the cult classic 2002 film 24 hour party people. Watch more rave documentaries.

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