The Boy Business

Published on 25th March 2016 by

One man named Edward believes he has uncovered the secret underground world of grown men who enjoy killing young boys and keeping the memory of it by capturing all of it on a video camera and keeping the tapes. He is speaking out about this for the first time ever.

Edward claims he isn’t a pedophile, rather someone who accidentally discovered this well kept secret of “highly organized criminals” who abuse boys between the ages of 8 and 10 years of age. The biggest problem with Edward’s claim is that there hadn’t ever been a video that’s surfaced of a boy actually being murdered on camera. The police are skeptics.

This documentary, cleverly titled “The Boy Business,” explores Edward’s claim of this hidden underground community of supposedly horribly abusive, both sexually and violently, adult men and their abuse of little kids. As the viewer, we are introduced to a special police force of only 15 people who work full-time to catch pedophiles in the United Kingdom.

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