The Amish: Shunned

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Members of the Amish community are required to follow a strict set of rules, if they aren’t compliant then they are excommunicated. This involves all members of the community, their friends and even their relatives cutting off all communication. Most of the Amish people who leave the church after disputes about the rules still hold a deep faith in god and live similar lives to the ones they leave behind.

The Amish: Shunned is a feature length 2014 documentary which explores the lives of seven people who have been booted out of their Amish communities for various reasons and have had to adapt to life without their support network. The individuals are interviewed extensively about their fall out with the church and the challenges they have faced since leaving, many of those interviewed don’t show their faces due to the Amish rule that they shouldn’t show their faces on television.

For further viewing consider watching the 2009 BBC documentary Trouble in Amish Paradise, which follows two couples as they are being excommunicated, and the follow up 2011 documentary Leaving Amish Paradise which follows their lives as they attempt to adapt to living in the outside world.

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