Tourism and the Truth: Thailand

Published on 7th March 2016 by

Stacey Dooley visits to Thailand to lift the lid on the darker side of the tourism industry in the country, including the effects that increasingly cheap holidays are having on the native population who work in the resorts. The workers who clean the rooms, maintain the hotel grounds or serve the drinks are forced to work 6 days per week for very low pay to make those cheap holidays possible.

The minimum wage in Thailand starts at just £3.00 per day and the workers live in poor conditions, typically only seeing their families once per month.  She also visits a group of people known as the ‘Sea Gypsies’ who live by the sea and survive by catching fish, they are being displaced by developers who want to clear the land they live on to make way for more lucrative hotels for tourists.

She finishes the hour long program by heading to the full moon party, a popular event typically attended by thousand of hedonistic Western revelers, but reveals the burden which the event places on the local population and ecology. This is one of three documentaries by Dooley which follow a similar theme, see also: Tourism and the Truth: Magaluf, and Tourism and the Truth: Kenya.

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    Hi I would like to be able to watch all of Stacey’s documentaries I can watch some and not others I have looked all over to watch blood sweat and t.shirts and can’t how do I watch them happy for your help please


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