Terry Wogan’s Ireland

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The television and radio broadcaster became a star in the United Kingdom and by the time of his passing in 2016 had become a British national treasure, but he was born and raised in Ireland. In the two part 2011 documentary Terry Wogan’s Ireland he returns to the country of his birth and steps back into his past to explore how the country helped to shape him as a person and talks about what it means to be Irish in the 21st century.

The documentary is split into two episodes, in the first he travels to Dublin the city that he left behind as a teenager and in the second he continues his epic journey around Ireland and finishes the trip in Northern Ireland. Wogan also wrote a book about the tour around the country.


The book Wogan’s Ireland: A Tour Around the Country that Made the Man was published in the following year by Simon & Schuster, it is available to purchase in paperback, hardback, and kindle formats.

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