Taking on the Taliban

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In 2007 the documentary journalist Ben Anderson shadowed a 35 man unit of British soldiers from Queens Company as they fought the Taliban for control of Helmand province for the BBC Panorama feature Taking on the Taliban. the six month tour left one member of the unit dead and twelve seriously injured. It exposed a situation where the unit was both under-manned and under-equipped for the task at hand. It was also aired by CBC, and that’s the version that we currently have on Documentary Vine.

Anderson would later make the acclaimed 2010 HBO documentary The Battle for Marjah, for which he followed 1st Battalion 6th Marines during Operation Moshtara, an attempt to remove the Taliban from their last remaining stronghold in Helmand Province. In 2013 he traveled to Afghanistan again to film the feature length Vice documentary This Is What Winning Looks Like, which documents attempts by the US Marines to train Afghan security forces to enable them to withdraw from Afghanistan.


Ben Anderson made numerous trips to Afghanistan to produce content for BBC Panorama, HBO, and Channel 4 Dispatches, and in 2012 published the gritty and brutally honest book No Worse Enemy: The Inside Story Of The Chaotic Struggle for Afghanistan, a book which tells the true but grim story of the war on the front line. It is available in paperback, hardback, or kindle editions.

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