Swansea Love Story

Published on 1st February 2016 by

An award winning 2010 Vice Documentary telling the story of a lost generation of young people addicted to heroin in the Welsh town of Swansea, which was at the height of a teenage heroin epidemic. The film centers primarily around a young homeless couple named Amy and Cornelius who are both young heroin addicted alcoholics, and the various outcasts in their drugs circle.

Swansea is in the strange situation of having experienced a serious heroin epidemic in recent years at a time when most of the rest of the United Kingdom has seen a decrease in the rate of heroin addiction, in 2009 drug agencies reported a 180% increase in heroin use in the city. Due to the negative publicity caused by the film, especially the use of drugs in public near to the town centre, the local police force had a crackdown and launched drugs raids which would see 26 drug dealers jailed.

This isn’t the only documentary made about the problem of heroin use in Swansea, also watch Heroin, Wales and Me (2009) and the more recent BBC documentary Injecting Gone Wrong: Swansea (2016).

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