Swansea: Back on the Streets

Published on 9th April 2018 by

In 2012 the BBC aired the three part series Swansea: Living on the Streets which followed the fortunes of numerous homeless people in Swansea and gave them a platform from which to share their stories and their experiences.

This second three part 2013 series, Swansea: Back on the Streets, returns to the streets of Swansea to see if anything has changed for the cities homeless population in the year which followed and the specific individuals previous featured.

You may also be interested in watching the three part 2017 series Cardiff: Living on the Streets which followed a similar format but focused on the homeless population of Cardiff, the capital city of the country, and the 2010 Vice documentary Swansea Love Story which follows the fortunes of some young heroin addicts from Swansea.

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