Super Size Me

Published on 23rd March 2018 by

A documentary which follows independent filmmaker Morgan Spurlock as he eats nothing other than McDonald’s for an entire 30 day period and measures the effects of his new diet on his physical and psychological health. Spurlock ate at McDonald’s three times per day and ate every item on the menu at least once, consuming an average of 5000 calories per day in the process (twice the recommended daily calories intake for a typical male).

Spurlock was inspired to make this documentary due to news of an obesity epidemic in the United States, it was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary feature. The film was a huge success and McDonald’s where forced into investing in advertising campaigns and public relations exercises to counter the claims, six weeks after the release of the film the company dropped supersized items from their menu.


Morgan Spurlock later authored a book on the subject of obesity and the fast food industry, Don’t Eat This Book, and despite tackling a serious subject it was praised for its humor. It is available to read in paperback, hardback and kindle formats.

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