Super High Me

Published on 1st February 2016 by

It was inevitable that the mammoth success of Super Size Me would result in numerous parodies, spin-offs, and copy-cats right? The comedian Doug Benson had the perfect idea when he decided to consume cannabis every day for thirty days for this 2007 documentary. He, quite hilariously, had to detox from cannabis for a period before starting. The film also features interviews with activists, owners of legal marijuana dispensaries, politicians, and patients who rely on medical Marijuana for pain relief.

Benson took various medical tests before spending 30 days not smoking cannabis, after 30 days of not smoking cannabis, and then after smoking cannabis for 30 straight days. The end result was that his thirty day marijuana binge had pretty much no negative effects on his health. He did however gain a fair bit of weight, although his sperm count actually increased.


Doug Benson has previously co-authored a humorous 200 page book about marijuana with Tony Camin and Arj Barker: The Marijuana-logues: Everything About Pot That We Could Remember, available in paperback and kindle edition. A great gift idea for any stoner in your life!

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