The Story of the Jews

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The Story of the Jews is a 2013 five episode BBC documentary series by Historian Simon Schama, he explores the story of the Jewish people starting 3000 years ago as a tribal race and the early development of the Jewish faith system. It was broadcast in the USA on PBS in 2014 and received lots of praise in the press, it was also released as a DVD box set.

  • Episode 1: In The Beginning The start of the Jewish story, when a tribal race began their relationship with god and began to develop some of the Jewish customs and traits that have followed them ever since.
  • Episode 2: Among Believers The story of how Jews in the medieval years struggled to preserve their identity under the rule of both Christian and Islamic regimes.
  • Episode 3: A Leap of Faith The time when the enlightened world in Europe accepted the Jewish people into their countries to integrate into their culture and commerce.
  • Episode 5: Return The story of how the holocaust, and the subsequent creation of the state of Israel, have changed the face of the Jewish world and what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century.


The series was based on two bestselling books by Simon Schama of the same name, the books provide a far more comprehensive background for those who want to know more about Jewish history. Both available to purchase in paperback, hardback, audio book and kindle editions.

The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words 1000 BC – 1492 AD

The Story of the Jews Volume Two: Belonging: 1492-1900


To watch this series in its highest quality consider purchasing the DVD box set, it would also make a great gift for anybody that you think will enjoy it.

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