Steve-O: Demise and Rise

Published on 11th March 2016 by

A brutally honest documentary about Jackass star Steve-O’s descent into drug and alcohol induced madness and the intervention by Johnny Knoxville which saved his life. This 2009 MTV feature contained some pretty shocking footage of Steve-O high on drugs and smashing up his apartment, in 2008 Steve-o was twice held in a psychiatric hospital after becoming suicidal.

Comedian and stuntman Steve-O, who is now teetotal, is later quoted as saying that he has never seen the documentary as he doesn’t like seeing his younger self under the influence of drugs. Steve-o has since been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Steve-O wrote an autobiography, Professional Idiot: A Memoir, it was published in 2011 by Hyperion and reprinted in 2012. The book is available in paperback, hardcover, and kindle edition. In the book Steve-O talks extensively about his drug and alcohol problems, as well as his mental health problems.

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