Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

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Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine is a feature length documentary by respected film maker Alex Gibney about the life and career of late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, one of many documentaries about Jobs’ to be released in the years which have followed his passing in 2011.

The documentary is unauthorized and therefore Gibney had great difficulty finding people close to Jobs to contribute, unsurprising as Gibney never set out to create yet another fawning but rather to give the viewer an insight into his true personality – one which describes not only his genius and undoubted talent as a CEO and innovator, but also some of his character flaws.

Whilst Jobs was undoubtedly a brilliant innovator and creator, possibly even a genius, this film succeeds in bringing some counter-balance to the constant gushing about Jobs. The honest account of his life and career revealed that he’d been unhappy paying $500 a month in child support to his first child, who he wasn’t interested in, how he was capable of bullying, and how he cheated even his Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak out of the profits from an Atari game.


There are countless number of books about Steve Jobs but if you haven’t read any yet then a good place to start would be with the authorized international bestselling book Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography, written by Walter Isaacson. In order to write the book Isaacson interviewed Jobs forty times and also had access to more than one hundred friends, relatives, colleagues, and competitors, it was the only biography that fully Jobs cooperated with. It is available in paperback, hardback, kindle, and audio book formats.

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