Stephen Hawking’s Universe

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Stephen Hawking’s Universe is a 1997 PBS television documentary series which features physicist Stephen Hawkings, the series is focused on the history of astronomy and discusses black holes and dark matter. The series made extensive use of computer models to explain theories and features interviews with various leading astronomers and scientists. The series is sometimes confused with the 2010 Discovery Channel series Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking because in the UK it was titled ‘Stephen Hawking’s Universe’.

We have all six episodes of the series available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate between them via the numbered tabs beneath the video player or by using the episode link list below. A companion website was produced to provide further details on the theories discussed in the show (now retired) and an accompanying book by Hawking’s was also published.

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A book was published to accompany the series, Stephen Hawking’s Universe: The Cosmos Explained, and it has been described as the perfect book for those who found Hawkin’s book A Brief History of Time too difficult to understand. It is out of print but a used copy is easy to obtain in paperback or hardcover formats.

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