Stadiums of Hate

Published on 6th July 2017 by

A BBC Panorama episode from 2012 which was aired just days before the first match of the Euro 2012 international football competition in Ukraine and Poland. The programme lifts the lid on the shocking racism and antisemitism of football hooligan gangs who follow domestic teams in those two countries as well as the respective international teams, and questions whether UEFA should have sanctioned the competition in countries with such a poor record for racism and hooliganism.

BBC reporter Chris Rogers filmed undercover at football matches and captured footage of a group of Asian fans being attacked on the terraces at a Ukrainian Premier League match and witnesses antisemitic chanting at games in Poland. The film crew also gains exclusive access to the inside of a far right group in Ukraine which actively recruits and trains football hooligans to attack foreigners, the fear was that these groups would attempt to attack visiting fans from other countries during the tournament. The BBC would later produce a similar documentary expressing concerns about highly organized Russian hooligans ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup being held in the country, see: Russia’s Hooligan Army.

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