Skid Row Tuesdays

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Skid Row Tuesday is a 2014 documentary by Bobby DeMuro, he follows a day in the life of Stephaune Wallace a man who visits Skid Row every Tuesday to help the huge homeless population. Wallace hands out food and other support to those who need it. The filmmaker also interviews various other people doing outreach work in the community, including a lady from a church group.

Skid Row is home to a stable population of over 8000 homeless people, many of whom have drug addictions, more than 10% of the total homeless population of LA reside in the 50 block area. Los Angeles County finds itself in the position of having over 250,000 millionaires but over 80,000 homeless people. Also worth a watch is the 2007 documentary Skid Row, which chronicles a 9 day experiment by Praskazrel Michel from The Fugees. He left his comfortable mansion in Beverley Hills and went to live as a homeless person in Skid Row with nothing other than $9 and a tent to his name.

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