The Six Wives of Henry VIII

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The Six Wives of Henry VIII is a four part 2001 Channel 4 documentary miniseries written and presented by distinguished British historian David Starkey, it profiles each of the six wives of Henry VIII and is filmed in historically important locations. The series makes use of dramatised reenactments for effect. Starkey has created numerous television series about Royal history and is also a prolific author.

We have all four episodes of the series available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate them via the numbered tabs beneath the video player or by using the episode link list below. You may also be interested in watching the 2016 BBC series Six Wives with Lucy Worsley.

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David Starkey also authored an authoritative 880 page book on the subject, Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII, published by Vintage and available in paperback, hardcover and audio formats.

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