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Sirius is a feature length 2013 documentary film directed by Indian-American filmmaker Amar Kaleka and based on the book Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge which was written by ufologist Steven M. Greer. The film was partially funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign which saw 664 individuals pledge $50,981 towards the cost of the production. The film follows Greer’s efforts to reveal what he claims is information about top secret energy projects based on technology obtained from aliens.

Former officials from the U.S. government and military are interviewed on film, the filmmakers also undertake DNA analysis of a strange 6 inch skeleton which was found in Northern Chile in 2003. The skeleton has been officially determined, publicly at least, to be a human skeleton but looks very much like an alien. The film is divided into three distinct sections.

In the first the filmmakers offer evidence which they believe proves the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, the second section contains interviews with various people who claim there are secret technologies being developed but being kept secret or suppressed by the government, and in the third the filmmakers explain why they believe that peaceful contact with aliens is currently being made through CE-5 protocols which were developed by Steven M. Greer. The finished film was received negatively by critics.


The documentary is based on the Steven M. Greer book Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge which was published in 2006 by Crossing Point and is available to purchase in either paperback or kindle format.

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