Shelter: A Look At Manchester’s Homeless

Published on 17th February 2016 by

Homelessness is a fast growing problem in Manchester, recently a few tent settlements have been in the news and Gary Neville received good press for allowing a protest organisation to use his vacant city centre hotel building to house homeless people for the winter.

Back in 2012 the filmmaker Mike Staniforth filmed and released the documentary Shelter: A Look At Manchester’s Homeless, he intended it to give a platform that the homeless themselves could use to have their voice heard. Staniforth’s documentary shines a light on some intriguing characters, all of whom are keen to tell their own personal and sometimes tragic stories.

They are people that Manchester City Council were not even prepared to admit existed, they were claiming that just 7 people slept rough on any given night in Manchester, a figure which residents of Manchester would know is a complete fabrication.

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