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Senna is a 2010 BAFTA award winning documentary about the widely considered greatest motor racing driver of all time; Ayrton Senna. ‘Senna’ charts the driver’s journey from talented novice in 1984 to driving perfection and ultimately, his tragic death in 1994.

Unlike many documentaries that are based on reconstruction and retrospective, ‘Senna’ is mostly centred on incredible archive footage, much of which has never been seen before. In between racing footage director Asif Kapadia depicts an isolated and untainted man who talks of ‘pure driving’ as if it is a metaphor for life’s winding journey.

There are beautiful moments captured on film such as the last words of driver Roland Ratzenberger and a moving interview with Sid Watkins; the neurosurgeon who attended to Senna following his fatal crash at Imola. Senna’s darker side is also touched upon with his bitter rivalry with Alain Prost, in particular their corner collision at the 1990 Japanese Grand Prix.

This award winning documentary from Asif Kapadia is surely one of the greatest sports documentaries ever made. Chris Kind and Gregars Sall provide excellent editing and ‘City of God’ composer Antonio Pinto’s score is genuinely moving. Regardless of whether you are a fan, or even familiar with Formula One, ‘Senna’ will both thrill and move you.


To learn more about the life, career, and death of Ayrton Senna check out the posthumous biographical book The Life of Senna by Tom Rubython, available in paperback, hardback, and kindle editions.

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