The Secret World Of Tinder

Published on 13th January 2018 by

The Secret World of Tinder is a 2015 documentary about how smartphone apps have revolutionised the way that people do dating and changed peoples sex lives. The film lifts the lid on a world of deviancy, devotion, heartbreak, and sexual brazenness, the youth of today have become “technosexuals” and use apps such as Tinder, Grindr, Lovoo and PlentyofFish to meet their new love (or one night stand).

Naturally the people featuring in this film have been selected because they have particularly interesting stories to tell, or ‘quirks’, and their experiences aren’t typical of the average Tinder user. As of late 2014 Tinder had over 50 million users who would log in to the app at least one per month (more recent data not available), and Grindr the most popular gay alternative has between 5 million and 6 million.

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