The Secret Life of Plants

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The Secret Life of Plants is a feature length 1979 documentary directed by Walon Green based on a controversial bestselling 1973 book of the same name by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, the book and the documentary documents controversial experiments on plants which claim to have proven unusual phenomena about plans – perhaps most controversially claims of plant sentience. Both the book and documentary were widely criticised by scientists for the absurdity of the claims.

The documentary made use of time lapse photography techniques which were cutting edge at the time to show plants growing in a matter of seconds and flowers opening, a technique which has since been used for numerous other programmes including David Attenborough’s 1995 series The Private Life of Plants. The soundtrack to the documentary was produced by Stevie Wonder.


The New York Times bestselling book that this documentary was based on was last printed in 1989 an still sells well today, it is available to purchase in paperback or hardcover versions.

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