Secret Heartbeat Of America: The CIA And Drugs

Published on 11th March 2016 by

Secret Heartbeat Of America: The CIA And Drugs is a 106 minute long documentary by conspiracy theorist Daniel Hopsicker and his production company Mad Cow Productions which asserts that the CIA have long been involved in the trafficking of drugs, with the governments knowledge, to increase the size of the black economy in the United States and to weaken the population to make them easier to control. It was released in 1999, originally on VHS but later as a DVD.

The documentary presents a conspiracy theory that the unexplained killing of two young boys in Arkansas was committed by the secret service because they had seen too much and had worked out how drugs were being smuggled into the United States by the CIA from South America under ‘Operation Black Eagle’.


Hopsicker later authored a book on the subject of the CIA and their links with organized crime and involvement in the cocaine trade, Barry & ‘the Boys’: The CIA, The Mob, and America’s Secret History, it was printed in paperback and hardback but is now very rare so can be expensive to purchase.

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