The Secret Agent: BNP Exposed

Published on 8th February 2017 by

In 2004 the BNP were campaigning for the European Parliament elections and were claiming that they had changed many of their far-right policies, but a BBC reporter named Jason Gwynne infiltrated the group for six months to produce a film which showed that extreme views and racism were very much the foundations of the party’s agenda. The footage included cover filming of Nick Griffin’s personal views on multi-culturism.

One of the members caught on camera was then BNP youth leader Mark Collett who was caught making derogatory remarks about asylum seekers, he had previously been famous by none other than Russell Brand in his episode of his re:Brand series Nazi Boy. He was also exposed in a 2004 documentary by Channel 4 dispatches titled Young, Nazi and Proud. In that video he was caught making remarks about Jews when he didn’t realise the camera was still rolling.

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