Scotland’s Valium Crisis

Published on 4th February 2017 by

From the 2016 BBC Three series Drugs Map of Britain, this episode examines the growing epidemic of Valium abuse in Scotland. A quarter of drugs deaths in Scotland in recent years have been related to Valium use, and the streets are flooded with both genuine and counterfeit Valium at ridiculously low prices.

The film makers introduce us to some users including Levi who has been addicted to the drug since the age of 13 and is currently taking up to 30 Valium tablets a day. It was reported in July 2016 that Valium had killed 9 people in one small town in Ayrshire in a two week period, the drug has also been causing huge problems in Glasgow and Dundee. In 2017 a leading drugs expert declared that fake Valium in Scotland had literally become cheaper than chips.

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