Science Under Attack

Published on 10th March 2017 by

In this 2011 BBC Horizon documentary Sir Paul Nurse, a Nobel Prize winning scientist, examines why science appears to be under attack by the media and why the general public are becoming more skeptical of key scientific theories. Perhaps none more so than on climate change, with a growing number of people skeptical of the existence of man made global warming.

There are also growing numbers of people skeptical that HIV causes AIDS, and little trust GM foods. Nurse interviews scientists involved in climate change studies, and the campaigners who are disputing the scientific consensus. He also travels to New York where he meet a man named Tony who has HIV but is convinced that the virus is not the cause of AIDS.

The documentary is effectively a passionate defense of the scientific community and looks at what scientists need to do to regain trust with the public. It is perhaps interesting that this documentary was produced about 5 years before Trump came to power and the phrase ‘post-truth world’ was popularised, it is almost as if Nurse could see what was developing.

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