Saving Ed Mitchell

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For years Ed Mitchell was a popular television presenter, journalist, and news reader in the UK. He was best known in his role as a news reader for ITN before he one day drifted off into obscurity until 2007 when a newspaper revealed that Mitchell was jobless, homeless, and divorced. All due to a descent into alcoholism.

Saving Ed Mitchell is a short feature by his former ITN colleague Carol Barnes. She set out to try and work out what happened to Mitchell and after tracking him down followed him over Christmas as he slept rough, when she did he confessed that he started drinking to handle the nerves that he got when having to do a live broadcast. He had, by the time he had come back into the public eye, been drinking some 150 units of alcohol per day.

We hear how despite earning over £100,000 ($160,000) a year while working he was spending most of his money on drinks and gambling, while paying his mortgages and bills on credit cards. He lost his home after his credit card debts reached £250,000. The feature concludes with Ed Mitchell entering The Priory rehabilitation center in an attempt to sober up and change his life.


A couple of years after the airing of this documentary Ed Mitchell reappeared sober to release a fantastic book, From Headlines to Hard Times, published by John Blake Publishing Ltd and available in paperback, hardcover, and kindle editions. It has recieved excellent reader reviews.

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