Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery

Published on 1st February 2016 by

Russell Brand is a superstar in the UK and is fast becoming one of the most popular British exports to America of our generation, but it could have ended up so very differently as a little over ten years ago he had a serious addiction to heroin and was a frequent user of various other narcotics.In Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery he tells us the story of his decline into addiction as a young TV presenter and his subsequent abstinence based recovery at the age of 27, the same age that his friend Amy Winehouse would later die from her own addictions.

Brand speaks with a neurological professor in an attempt to try and better understand addiction, meets current drug addicts, and then heads back to the charity rehab that helped him on his road to recovery to speak to the founder about his methods and the controversy which surrounds the governments own methadone program.

He uses the film to promote his idea that a abstinence based recovery is the way forward for British drug policy and that methadone only switches one addiction for another. He also argues that one of the best places to introduce abstinence based rehab is in Britain’s prisons, where 80% of inmates are addicted to drugs. Brand made a second documentary in 2014, Russell Brand: End The Drugs War, to argue that Britain’s drug policy is counter-productive and that addiction should be treated as a health issue.

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