Russell Brand: End the Drugs War

Published on 17th February 2016 by

Russell Brand explores the drugs policies of various progressive countries and presents an argument that the ‘war on drugs’ being waged by most countries in the Western world should end, he argues that prohibition is counter-productive and harmful to addicts and that more humane ways to treat the disease of addiction should be adopted.

The film is a follow up to his 2012 documentary Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery which concluded with Brand giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee to put forward his view that addiction should be treated as a health issue rather than a criminal matter and that he believed abstinence based recovery is the most effective means of rehabilitation. The committee’s final report concluded that current British drugs policy is failing, but Prime Minister David Cameron disagreed with the findings and insisted that current drugs policy was successful.

Brand uses this second documentary (2014) to challenge Cameron’s point of view and presents aspects of the systems in other countries such as Sweden and Portugal which he believes would be more effective than Britain’s current policies.

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