Roxy Road

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Roxy Road is a documentary by Bonaventura Craig filmed between the years 2010 and 2012 which explores the Oxycontin epidemic in Florida by following three women – Aubry, Brianna Sky, and Jayden – who all sell their bodies to support their prescription drug habit. They share their stories and give you a glimpse into their dark world.

Oxycontin is a trade name of Oxycodone,  a highly addictive synthetic opiod, similar to heroin, which doctors all over the United States have been prescribing as pain medication. The drug has been blamed for a huge rise in heroin use in the US in recent years, many of those who become first hooked to Oxycontin prescribed by doctors will switch to street heroin because it is much cheaper.

The problem of Oxycontin addiction leading to heroin use has also been the subject of several other documentaries including The Oxycontin Express (2009) and The Oxy Trap (2011).

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