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Ross Kemp on Gangs is a documentary series which ran for four seasons on Sky television in the UK between 2004 and 2009. Kemp travels across the world with a film crew to to interview members of gangs, law enforcement authorities, and sometimes victims of gang related activities. He aims in each episode to gain contact with the gang leadership to obtain a direct face to face interview. The show won a BAFTA award in 2007 for best factual series.

We have all episodes of series three available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate them via the numbered tabs below the video player or via the episode list below. If you haven’t already then first watch series one and series two, and stick around to watch series four.

Episode 1: Jamaica

Kemp travels to Kingston, Jamaica, the murder capital of the world. Gangs in Kingston are typically aligned to Jamaica’s two main political parties but have since moved on from their political roots and the new generation fights over turf and lucrative drug profits.

Episode 2: Poland

In the second episode Kemp travels to Poland to explore football hooliganism, Polish football firms have become some of the most feared gangs in Europe. He meets the leaders of a football firm known as the Stilon Fighters, and joins a police riot squad as they escort another notorious hooligan gang.

Episode 3: Colombia

Kemp travels to Colombia, a country ravaged by civil war between government and paramilitary groups, as well as major organized crime syndicates who battle each other and the government for control of the lucrative drugs trade. He meets with a group of secretive guerrilla fighters who routinely carry out hits on anybody that they consider a threat.

Episode 4: East Timor

In the fourth and final episode of the third series he visits East Timor where over two-thirds of East Timorese youths are believed to be involved in gangs. He meets with two gangs who are involved in an ongoing conflict and witnesses their bizarre rituals and terrifying arsenal of weapons.


Kemp published the top ten bestselling book Gangs II to accompany series 3 and 4 of Ross Kemp on Gangs, it is available to purchase in paperback, hardback or kindle formats.

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