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Ross Kemp on Gangs is a documentary series which ran for four seasons on Sky television in the UK between 2004 and 2009. Kemp travels across the world with a film crew to to interview members of gangs, law enforcement authorities, and sometimes victims of gang related activities. He aims in each episode to gain contact with the gang leadership to obtain a direct face to face interview. The show won a BAFTA award in 2007 for best factual series.

We have all episodes of series two available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate them via the numbered tabs below the video player or via the episode list below. If you haven’t already then first watch series one, and after series two you can progress to series three.

Episode 1: El Salvador

Kemp travels to El Salvador, the murder capital of the world, to meet members of the so-called “most dangerous gang in the world”. MS13 is a gang which was started by Salvadorian migrants in Los Angeles and then exported back to their home nation, they are responsible for many of the 800 murders carried out each year in a country which has a population smaller than London.

Episode 2: St. Louis

In episode two Kemp explores gang culture in Middle America, visiting St. Louis in Missouri where 342,000 people own around 380,000 guns with the majority of those firearms owned by the gangs which rule the streets.

Episode 3: Moscow

Ross Kemp explores the alarming rise in violent race hate crimes in Moscow being carried out by brutal Neo-Nazi gangs. The gangs are highly organized and he watches as one prominent Neo-nazi group undertake training exercises. Kemp himself undergoes a series of tests including allowing himself to be set on fire.

Episode 4: Cape Town

Episode four focuses on South Africa’s Numbers Gang, a gang which is predominantly active in the countries prisons. The terrifying gang subjects new inmates to gang rape and other brutal initiations.

Episode 5: South London

The fifth and final episode of the first series he visits South London, particularly the estates of Peckham and Brixton, where he explores a recent rise in gang related incidents. He speaks with members of some of the areas notorious gangs including the Peckham Boys and Cripset who fight over territory.


Kemp published the top ten bestselling book Gangs to accompany series 1 and 2 of Ross Kemp on Gangs, it is available to purchase in paperback, hardback or kindle.

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