The Rise and Fall Of Tony Blair

Published on 24th March 2016 by

A two part 2007 Channel 4documentary series by Andrew Rawnsley which examines the political career and personality of the former British prime minister Tony Blair, it charts his rise to power, his years in the job, and his eventual downfall with an insight into the week leading up to his resignation.

Blair was hugely popular when elected in 1997, and for much of his tenure in number 10, but was extremely unpopular by the time he had departed due to his foreign policy in the middle east and a belief from many that his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were illegal. The documentary focuses a lot on his use of ‘spin’, particularly his close relationship with Peter Mandelson and Alistair Campbell.


Andrew Rawnsley later authored the book The End of the Party (2010) which charted the rise and fall of New Labour, it was published a few months after Labour had lost the 2010 general election to the Conservatives. It is available to purchase in paperback or hardcover (not currently available on kindle).

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