Ricky Gervais Meets… Larry David

Published on 17th March 2016 by

Larry David made his name as the co-creator of the hugely successful American comedy Seinfeld, and then later as the creator, main writer, and actor of the main character in the hit sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Ricky Gervais made his name as the creator and star of the popular British mockumentary style sitcom The Office, which was subsequently franchised to American for a US version, and then the equally successful Extras.

In Ricky Gervais Meets… Larry David the two sit on a sofa together, Larry David is one of Ricky Gervais’ heroes and he wanted to interview him about the similarities between the writing style of the pair, as well as to discuss their comedic influences. The programme was broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK in 2006, it is narrated at the start by Andrew Sachs from Fawlty Towers.

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