Ria: Diary of a Teen Transsexual

Published on 11th May 2017 by

Sixteen year old Rihanna Cooper from Hull is just like most other British girls of her age, she drinks too much, is into casual sex, and has had her heart broken by handsome older men. But Rihanna’s real name is Bradley, and she isn’t really a girl. Bradley has been living as Rihanna since the age of 13 with the blessing of her mother, father, and three sisters.

This channel 4 documentary follows her ups and downs over a two year period as she struggles to be accepted on her lower working class council estate, many of the residents are not open minded and she often dates men without immediately telling them she is actually a male, sometimes the men react with violence. During filming she begins hormone replacement therapy at a world renowned gender identity unit in London and was in the process of fighting to try and become the youngest person to ever be given a sex change operation by the National Health Service.

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