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RE: Brand was a humorous documentary series by Russell Brand broadcast way back in 2002 before Brand was a megastar, he would later confirm that he was often drunk or high on heroin during filming and that he’d spend much of the allocated production budget on drugs and then figure out what he could conjure up without any money.

In this episode Brand follows Mark Collett, at the time the leader of the youth wing of the far-right British Nationalist Party and gains an insight into some of Colletts extreme views on race and homosexuality. Filming terminates after Brand loses his temper with Collett and calls him out on some of his views.

This was the first feature ever produced on Collett but not the last, he was later featured in two 2004 productions. The first by Channel 4 Dispatches was Young, Nazi and Proud, the second an undercover expose by the BBC titled The Secret Agent.

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