The Real Football Factories

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Playing the lead role in the hugely successful football hooligan film The Football Factory (2004) was probably the pinnacle of Danny Dyer’s acting career, although it probably also helped to pigeonhole him into playing the role of a typical cockney ‘geezer’ and much of his work that followed capitalized on his success in this film. The Real Football Factories is a perfect example of that, the spin-off six episode documentary series from 2006 saw Dyer meet with members of well known football firms all over the country to allow hooligans past and present the opportunity to tell their stories on national television.

All six episodes are available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate the episodes via the numbered tabs below the video player above or via the episode link list below. A second series followed in 2007, looking at hooligan activities overseas, see: The Real Football Factories International.

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