Rain in my Heart

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Rain in my Heart is a hard-hitting feature length 2006 documentary by British filmmaker Paul Watson, it follows the attempts of four individual alcoholics who enter an NHS hospital in Kent with problems associated with their alcoholism and then follows them home to chart their attempts at quitting alcohol. The four subjects were two females and two males, Mark, Vanda, Toni and Nigel. Watson had great difficulty finding people who would allow him into their lives to follow their journey through hell.

The result is a harrowing film which should serve as a warning to anybody who is at risk of developing a physical or mental dependency on alcohol, and should perhaps be shown to high school students in the UK to serve as a warning of the risks of the countries binge drinking culture. Two of the subjects tragically passed away during the filming of the documentary. Watson collected three major awards for the film, just months after having been told that his career was finished after a legal inquiry into claims made in his previous film had ruled against him.

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