Questioning AIDS in South Africa

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Questioning AIDS in South Africa is a year 2000 documentary by well known AIDS denialist Robin Scovill, the one hour long film focuses on the major AIDS conference held in Durban in the summer of 2000 from the perspective of a skeptic. The conference evolved around discussing expensive HIV drugs as a solution to the problem facing Africa as a continent, but the South African president Thabo M’beki challenged the orthodox viewpoint and this filmmaker agreed with him.

Robin Scovill would later produce the feature length 2004 documentary The Other Side of AIDS in which he asserts that AIDS is not caused by the HIV virus and that HIV treatments are detrimental to the health of patients, the film featured contributions from various HIV infected individuals who were refusing to take prescribed medication including Scovill’s wife Christine Maggiore. The film received a lot of attention in 2005 when Scovill’s own three year old daughter died of untreated AIDS, and just three years later Maggiore herself would pass away with AIDS-related illnesses including pneumonia.

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