Proud and Prejudiced

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Proud and Prejudiced is a 2012 TV documentary (Channel 4) which looked at two of the most controversial men in the country, Tommy Robinson the leader of the English Defence League (EDL) and Sayful Islam the leader of a group of Islamic extremists. Both men come from the same large English town, Luton.

Luton has been labelled the UK’s capital of extremism, due both to the large number of Muslims who have originated from the town and gone on to be convicted of terrorism offenses and the fact that it gave birth to the countries largest English nationalist organisation of a generation.

There have been numerous documentaries exploring the issue of racial tensions in Luton, including one made for the BBC by investigate journalist Stacey Dooley who herself was born and raised in the town and attended the same high school as Tommy Robinson (See: My Hometown Fanatics).

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