Professor Green: Suicide and Me

Published on 29th March 2018 by

A one hour long BBC documentary which was first broadcast in 2015, it sees British rapper Professor Green embark on a very personal journey to uncover the truth about his fathers suicide seven years earlier. He opens up to close family members for the first time and reconnects with more distant relatives in order to try and piece together various pieces of the puzzle to try and establish why his dad decided that suicide was his only option.

He also meets with other people who have been directly affected by suicide and asks himself some tough questions about his own demons; he finishes the documentary by talking a bit about the┬áscourge of male suicide in the UK – it is the biggest single killer of men under 45 in the country. The documentary is one of many that Professor Green has made for the BBC, others include Professor Green: Hidden and Homeless (2017) and Professor Green: Dangerous Dogs (2016).

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