Princes of the Yen

Published on 21st March 2018 by

Princes of the Yen is a feature length 2014 documentary about the role that central banks have had in creating decades of stagnation in the Japanese economy, and more importantly an illustration of how these central bankers can change the economic, political and social structures of any nation state.

The film is an adaptation of a book by Professor Richard Werner which was published in 2003 and it ultimately serves to provider the viewer with an insight into the way that these highly secretive institutions operate, the powers that they hold and questions whose interests they are serving; it will probably provide a new perspective on way that you perceive global economics.


To learn in greater detail consider purchasing the original book, Princes of the Yen: Japan’s Central Bankers and the Transformation of the Economy, available to purchase in paperback format only. The book became an instant bestseller in Japan but did not get much attention in the United States until after the release of this film. 

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