Prescription Thugs

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Prescription Thugs is a 2015 documentary directed by Chris Bell focusing on the under reported epidemic of prescription drug addiction in the United Stated, it includes contributions from numerous prescription drug addicts and the use of information obtained from pharmaceutical industry whistle-blowers. It is a follow up to the 2008  film Bigger, Stronger, Faster which focused on the widespread use of anabolic steroids.

Contributors to the film include WWE legends Matthew “Horshu” Wiese and Chris Leben, along with a former California State Senator, and the pharmaceutical company whistleblower Gwen Olsen . They open up about the prescribed drugs they are taking on a daily basis and and the side effects of their abuse. Bell was motivated to make the film after seeing friends and relatives become addicted to prescription pills.

NB: Unfortunately this documentary is currently trailer only, due to the source video being removed. We will replace should an alternative become available. It is however available to stream on Amazon if you can’t wait.
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