Piece by Piece

Published on 8th February 2016 by

The mid-to-late noughties saw the production and release of numerous graffiti documentaries, probably spurned on by the resurgence in popularity of the cult 1983 documentary Style Wars which found its way online and subsequently captured a new wave of popularity in the hip-hop scene. Of the many street art documentaries to emerge during the period perhaps Infamy (2005), Bomb It (2007) and Piece by Piece (2005) stand out as the most groundbreaking or cutting edge.

Piece by Piece is an excellent feature length documentary which looks at the San Francisco graffiti art movement, including it controversies and two decades of history of street art in the city from the birth of the movement in the mid-eighties right up to the final cut of the film in 2004, it provides an excellent insight into the lives of the people who were actively involved in graffiti in the city at the time of filming. The film was cut from over 100 hours of video footage and interviews collected over a four year period, as well as historical archive footage.

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