Peter Jones Meets… John Timpson and Judy Naake

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Peter Jones Meets… is a four part 2013 BBC series in which Peter Jones travels the UK to meet some of the countries top self made entrepreneurs, to delve into the secrets behind their success and attempt to draw parallels which may help to form a blueprint for success. In each episode he meets the people behind two different businesses.

The series follows on from the success of the one off 2011 documentary Peter Jones: How We Made Our Millions which profiled Richard Reed of Innocent and Michelle Mone of Ultimo. In this episode of the series Peter Jones profiles the following entrepreneurs:

John Timpson

John Timpson is the founder of the Timpson’s chain of stores which are best known for shoe repairs and key cutting services, his son James Timpson currently runs the business. He started life as a humble cobbler and now owns an empire of 950 shops with a combined turnover of £160 million.

Judy Naake

Judy Naake is the founder of the St Tropez tanning lotion and built a multi-million pound franchise off of the back of it, she subsequently sold the rights to that franchise for a cool £70 million and is now helping her son to launch his own make-up business.


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