Peter Jones: How We Made our Millions

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Successful businessman and star of the UK Dragons Den TV show Peter Jones meets with two wealthy British entrepreneurs to try and understand what it is about them which made them successful, this hour long show was broadcast by the BBC in 2011. Jones examines their business methods, personalities and delves deep into their childhoods and life experiences in order to try and determine what it was that drove them to succeed in business.

The entrepreneurs profiled are:

Richard Reed

The co-founder of Innocent, a smoothie company which he started in 1998 and at time of filming had an annual turnover of £165m, in the documentary he states that he would have to give serious consideration to an offer of £100m for his shares. At the time of filming the co-founders had taken investment from Coca-Cola for a minority stake in the business. He would later exit the business, which is now 90% owned by Coca-Cola.

Michelle Mone

The other entrepreneur profiled is Scottish woman Michelle Mone, the founder of the Ultimo lingerie business (of which she now owns a 20% stake) and the fake-tanning brand UTan. Mone, who has an estimated net worth of $60m, became Lady Mone when she awarded a peerage.

Peter Jones Meets…

A series of similar programmes was commissioned by the BBC, Peter Jones Meets…, which sees Jones meet and profile other successful British entrepreneurs. Some of the episodes are available on Documentary Vine and are linked below.

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