Pedigree Dogs Exposed

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Pedigree Dogs Exposed is a one hour long 2008 BBC documentary by Jemima Harrison, a former journalist who has spent years campaigning for health and welfare reforms in purebred dogs. In this documentary she exposes the world of pedigree dog breeding and is highly critical of The Kennel Club for its breed standards and judging standards at its famous annual Crufts dog show, Harrison believes that the Kennel Club is partly responsible for health problems associated with the breeding of many pedigree dog breeds.

As a result of the documentary there was a lot of public criticism of the Kennel Club and numerous sponsors withdrew their support for Kennel Club events including Crufts, and the BBC themselves decided to cancel their television coverage of the Crufts event. In this documentary Harrison also links the Kennel Club to the controversial eugenics movement of the early 19th century and one breeder was caught on camera advocating that some healthy puppies should be euthanized simply because they did not meet official breed standards.

The Kennel Club were critical of the documentary and denied some of the claims made in it, submitting a complaint to Ofcom in the process. In 2012 a follow up documentary was broadcast, Pedigree Dogs Exposed: Three Years On, Harrison found that whilst some positive changes had been made since the original film but focuses on some areas of continuing concern.

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