Pedigree Dogs Exposed: Three Years On

Published on 28th October 2017 by

In 2008 a documentary by journalist Jemima Harrison called Pedigree Dogs Exposed aired on BBC Two, the film was an expose on the world of pedigree dog breeding and in particular the elite dog show Crufts. The organisation which runs crufts and establishes ‘breed standards’ for dogs, the Kennel Club, received huge public backlash and lost sponsorship and commercial affiliations as a result of the revelations in the film.

In this 2012 follow up documentary, Pedigree Dogs Exposed: Three Years On, Harrison revisits the subject to see what changes – if any – were made as a result of the negative publicity created by the first film. The film acknowledges that whilst some positive changes have been implemented there are still some ongoing areas of significant concern regarding the health and welfare problems faced by pedigree dogs in the UK. Numerous experts and dog breeders feature to express their concerns about the future of some popular dog breeds.

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